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    Double-sided pcb12 hour delivery

Our service areas!


Double-Sided PCB

samples, batch PCB manufacturing. Max size 500mm X1200mm. 


IC substrate PCB, semiconductor test PCB

CSP, SIP, FC-CSP, FMC, PBGA, FCBGA IC substrate and semiconductor test PCB.



ε r2.2-10.3, PTFE, Rogers RO4350B,RT5880, Taconic, Arlon, imported material.


Metal Base PCB

Aluminum, copper, iron plate, used for high power components.


FPC,Rigid-flex PCB

Module, phone, camera and light source of FPC,Rigid-flex PCB.


Heavy Copper PCB

Mature and stable mass production of High Tg and Heavy Copper PCB.

Why choose us?


Quick Response

Mature ERP management system, delivery ahead of the industry. Provide PCB urgent service.

Provide regular PCB, embedded blind hole PCB, high frequency PCB and special PCB emergency PCB services.

Advanced automatic quotation system, Quick Quotation reply within 30 minutes.

For quotation, please send Gerber file to ASUS quotation email:PCB quotation

Leading Technology

More than 10 years of R & D and production team tracking. Focus on 4-70 layer ultra-high Multilayer PCB,

high precision impedance PCB, cross blind buried hole PCB, high frequency mixed voltage blind buried hole PCB, R-FPCB,

blind slot PCB, buried capacitance PCB, buried resistance PCB, backplane PCB, IC carrier PCB and thick copper PCB.

Stable Quality

All choose big brand raw materials to ensure the stable quality of products. Such as:Shengyi, KB, Isola, Rogers,Taconic, etc;

Liquid medicine: Rohm; Haas, Atotech, Umicore; ink: Taiyo; dry film: Asahi, DuPont.

Intimate Service

Regard customers as eternal partners and develop together.

Only choose reputation, not customers, regardless of the size of customers, do our best to solve problems for customers.

Help customers reduce costs, save time to market and optimize product performance. Shorten the R & D cycle from all aspects to help customers quickly occupy the market.

Our service tenet!

LENSUO always adhere to the "honesty, quality first" purpose since its inception, adhere to the "leading technology, winning speed, personalized service" business strategy. Provide performance more stable, higher quality products and satisfactory service to customers.