Step forward every day, adhere to customer satisfaction, satisfaction!
Enterprise purpose: to provide quality products and services fast and satisfactory for electronic processing enterprises.
Management philosophy: strive to do management, people-oriented: humanization, standardization, systematization, scientific. 
Marketing concept: LENSUO is the premise of insisting on customer satisfaction, satisfaction.


Enterprise spirit: integrity, dedication, cooperation, pragmatic, innovation, thanksgiving.
Honesty - is the cornerstone, treat people with sincerity, to the letter take reputation, lensuoer in good faith as the fundamental, in good faith for the glory.
Professionalism -- is the norm, a high degree of professionalism, rigorous style of work is the lensuoer principles.
Collaboration is key, sincere cooperation, the director. Close collaboration between employees and staff, departments and the lensuo of guaranteed quality, guaranteed critical service.
Pragmatic - is the premise, everything from set out actually, seek truth from facts, nothing in the world can replace the firm, only "patience" and "determination" to conquer everything difficult mission.
Innovation - is the soul, is the vitality and the source of lensuo.
Thanksgiving - we use action to return society.