Many varieties:
Professional double-sided PCB and multilayer PCB(2-48) and special materials, such as Teflon pcb, ceramic pcb, aluminum pcb, high frequency pcb, PTFE pcb, and the Heavy Copper pcb, high frequency pcb, Rigid-flex pcb, high TG pcb, high precision characteristic impedance control pcb, Buried/bind via holes PCB.

Materials including but not limited to FR4, Taconic, Arlon, Rogers,Taizhou WangLing, Bergquist etc.


From engineering, rapid production model to small batch, mass one-stop service

Quick response:

0.5 hour bid response

1 hours of engineering consulting response

24 hour comprehensive marketing services

24 hours of expert level technical support

In 24 hours delivery service

Directional personal services

Fast delivery:

Double sided: 12 hours

Four layer: 24 hours

Six layer: 48 hours

Eight layer: 72 hours

More than ten layers: 96 hours