Lensuo safety management system assembly

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  >Safety in production of advanced enterprise 
  >Advanced units are highly toxic chemicals management
System management system
In 2008, the company safety committee under the new regulations, carding and comprehensive review of the safety regulations were revised the original, 10 systems, 8 new system, compiled "Lensuo safety management system assembly";
The security responsibilities to the people, realize the layers of someone tube, everything was tubes, February, Lensuo 76 departments and process safety management signed safety commitment, companies for the first time in the responsibility commitment to the way of strengthening the management of safety production.
In August, Lensuo  smoothly through the "occupation health and safety management system certification". Regularly every year on the production site of occupation hazards evaluation, safety evaluation and staff health examination; the safety rectification effectively reduce all kinds of accidents, ensure the orderly operation of the company.
Safety training
Allow employees to enhance safety awareness in various internal and external training, improve the safety quality, is one of the important ways to Lensuo  safety. In 2009, Lensuo  will state "Fire Law", "occupation disease prevention law" and "production safety accident emergency plan management measures" compile training materials, the total organized 45 training sessions, the number of 2055 people;
Safety training to strengthen the special post, in 10 a total of 50 people of special training to use of toxic materials, to the security personnel organized 2 a total of 30 people of special training, organization of fire control room personnel 6 people of special training of special equipment, forklift used a 10 person staff of special external training, certificates, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the state and local government.
Improve the emergency ability
The original fixed annual fire drills, to target specific special emergency and evacuation, every month to arrange 4~5 process or department production accident, fire, hazardous chemicals leakage emergency escape and handling drill;
The annual total fire emergency drill, a highly toxic chemical spill emergency drill, equipment safety accident emergency drill, hazardous chemicals leakage emergency drills, thermal medium oil spill emergency drill 5 times the mass of the special emergency, evacuation, the number of participants over 600.
At the same time, increase the investment of production safety, especially for the dangerous chemicals safety use and storage safety management, the of all kinds of security risks rectification of more than 100 yuan, together with the illegal phenomenon does not occur throughout the year.