Product Name: 77G Radar high frequency PCB

Plate: Rogers RO3003G2 + Shengyi s1000-2m

Quality standard: ipc6012 class 3

Dielectric constant: 3.00 + / - 0.04

Number of floors: 8

Plate thickness: 1.4mm

Copper thickness: base copper 0.5oz, finished copper thickness 1oz

Surface technology: silver, gold or OSP

Purpose: Car driverless 77g anti collision radar


Performance comparison between 24GHz anti-collision radar and 77GHz millimeter wave radar for driverless vehicle:

1. Different frequencies, the wavelength of 24GHz millimeter wave radar is larger than 10cm. Strictly speaking, 24GHz millimeter wave radar belongs to centimeter wave radar

2. The 77GHz millimeter wave radar can simultaneously meet the requirements of high transmission power and wide bandwidth, and can simultaneously achieve long-range detection and high range resolution

3. 77GHz millimeter wave radar has significant advantages in object resolution, velocity and range accuracy

4. The size of 77GHz millimeter wave radar is smaller, its wavelength is less than one third of 24GHz, so the area of transmitting and receiving antenna is greatly reduced, and the size of radar is reduced


At present, the 77GHz millimeter wave radar PCB produced by LENSUO uses Rogers 3003g2 + Shengyi 1000-2m, and the line tolerance is + / - 0.02mm, which can be mature for mass production


Download Rogers ro3003g2 material specification

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