The quality policy:
Taking the quality as the core, the details from the start, manufacturing products, to provide satisfactory products and services for users.
The quality objectives:
On time delivery rate:100%
Good products pass rate:98%
Product inspection pass rate:99%

Service objectives:
Customer satisfaction:99.9%
Customer complaint / return rate:1%/0.1%

Handling customer complaints:
Reaction time:In 2 hours
Processing time:In 1 days
File check:
The engineering department to do a detailed inspection of the customer information, a timely solution to the problem, put forward reasonable suggestions.
Product inspection:
Incoming inspection -- qualified warehousing, unqualified return.
The tool detection -- to relevant departments qualified, unqualified return.
Production process testing -- product inspection of each process qualification, can enter the next process, increase the inspection control.
Acceptance criteria:
The IPC-A-600G standard (PCB standard); GJB326A-96 (military standard); IPC-6018A (high frequency pcb acceptance criteria)