The company offers free board and lodging, has a large staff of the restaurant, food standard 25 yuan / day, in the company restaurant can enjoy the company of 100% food allowance;
Employees enjoy high temperature allowance, out allowance, year-end bonus and paid leave and so on;
The company provides free health examination for employees, to buy five social insurance and one housing fund (pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity, supplementary medical and housing provident fund), purchasing personal accident insurance;
The regular selection of monthly / annual excellent employee, and cash incentives or the organization of tourism;
The company has sports venues, facilities of the library, Internet bar, often develop basketball, badminton, table tennis, snooker and Cara OK, dance and other cultural and sports activities, for the staff to create a "school" and "home" feeling.
Company to carry out various types of monthly tournament;
The internal publication "today lensuo" free monthly to employees, to the staff to provide the space to display their talent and give the author rewards;
Company training system, implement annual different categories of training, for staff to tailor training programs, efforts to expand the space for staff development. And every year have different levels of technology assessment, assessment by the staff, eligible to issue national registration certificate, the national general, and enjoy a monthly allowance of 50-500 yuan;
Monthly on the staff birthday gift;
The company to provide employees with training, the opportunity to learn and advance, have paid vacation every year; all cadres from the employees merit;
Companies in strict accordance with the "labor law" provisions of the annual mean for each employee annual salary adjustment.